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A Personal Journey Through Deep House Music

My love for house music began when I was just 14, using iTunes gift cards from Christmas and birthdays to discover new sounds. One pivotal album was “Deep Down and Defected Vol 4,” which featured “Premier” by Huxley and Shenoda. That track ignited my passion for house music, influencing my journey into the genre. Now, six years into this adventure, my enthusiasm for the scene, its origins, and its future remains undiminished.

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To explore more about Huxley, including his music, upcoming shows, and biography, visit his Resident Advisor (RA) profile: Huxley on RA. This page is a comprehensive resource for fans and newcomers alike, offering deep insights into his contributions to the house music scene.

Having the platform to showcase my favorite music feels incredible. Side A of this episode is a tribute to Huxley, featuring those very tracks that shaped my musical taste. For the first time, viewers can join me in the studio, witnessing the creation process of Side A—although, regrettably, the footage for Side B was lost when my camera died. Nevertheless, Side B is an immersive experience into deep and minimal house, crafted with the meticulous mixing you’ve come to expect. This mix was a joyful exploration, starting slow and building to a classic deep house and slightly garage feel, before returning to the minimalistic roots.

404MissingLink Recording Side A in the studio.

Join me on this personal and musical journey, where nostalgia meets innovation in a blend of beats that have marked my path from a young enthusiast to where I stand today.

Side A Tracklist:

  1. “Dumb Safari (Original Mix)” - Huxley & :Russo
  2. “Premier” - Huxley & Shenoda
  3. “Let It Go (Original Mix)” - Huxley
  4. “Looking Back (Huxley Remix)” - Mike Richardson, Howard Sessions, KT Forrester, Huxley
  5. “Can See” - Huxley, Daniel Solar
  6. “Move With It (Huxley Warehouse Dub)” - Jordan Peak, Huxley
  7. “Creeper (Club)” - Huxley, Michael Dodman
  8. “Long Summer Night” - Huxley, Michael Dodman
  9. “Premier (Sonny Fodera Remix)” - Huxley, Shenoda, Sonny Fodera

Side B Tracklist:

  1. “The Waiting” - George FitzGerald feat. Lawrence Hart
  2. “And Then” - James Dexter
  3. “Don’t Need You” - James Dexter, Jack Swift
  4. “Be Heavy (Original Mix)” - Kreature
  5. “Let Me Dub You, Mumma Jo’s Idea. (Original Mix)” - J.O.S.H.U.A
  6. “No Va Mas (Original Mix)” - Camilo (ARG)
  7. “A Million Dreams (Jacobo Saavedra Remix)” - Mind Archives, Jacobo Saavedra
  8. “Synchronicity (Original Mix)” - Chris Stussy
  9. “Tempo (Original Mix)” - LondonGround
  10. “What You Know (Original Mix)” - Parsec, Yogi P
  11. “Seducer (Original Mix)” - Kolter
  12. “Oh” - Bellaire
  13. “Mike The Dog” - Black Loops
  14. “It’s About The Music Man (Original Mix)” - Dajae, Doorly
  15. “Right Time (Original Mix)” - Josh Butler
  16. “Dancing Like Madonna (Original Mix)” - Rendher, Richard Ulh
  17. “Over That (Original Mix)” - Chris Gialanze
  18. “Imminere (Original Mix)” - Dadou

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