(Master Vibes) #S2008


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Reflecting on an Unforgettable Year

2023 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride in the world of music. As I look back, I’m filled with pride at the selection of some of the finest tunes that have graced my playlists. This year, I believe I’ve crafted some of my most outstanding mixes, each a testament to my growing passion and evolving style.

The Finale Mix: A Fusion of Deep House and Minimal

This latest episode is a culmination of all the fun, excitement, and hard work that went into this year’s mixes. With a distinctive blend of heavy Dutch influences, it captures my signature style perfectly. The mix’s soul lies in its long synth pads and funky beat arrangements, a combination that resonates deeply with me.

Kicking off with deep house and transitioning into minimal, the tempo stays at an exhilarating 130bpm. This mix isn’t just fast-paced; it’s a whirlwind of vibrant sounds and rhythms that epitomize the essence of a great time. Featuring a mix of brand new tracks and some of my all-time favourites, it’s a musical journey you don’t want to miss.

Master Vibes and Photography: A Visual and Auditory Feast

I’ve titled this mix in line with the ‘Master Vibes Highlights’ from my Instagram @404_missinglink, where I showcase the best of music and photography. My Instagram page is a hub of activity, and I invite you to join me there to never miss an update on the latest and greatest in my musical endeavors.

The Tracklist: A Symphony of Sounds

Here’s the tracklist that made this mix an extraordinary experience:

  1. Sous Controle (Original Mix) - Aron Volta
  2. ??? 😉
  3. U’ll Get Over It (Levin Kee Remix) - The Stoned
  4. Body and Soul (Original Mix) - Seamus Shevlin
  5. Daydreamer - Across Boundaries
  6. Dance With Me (Jesse Maas Remix) - Charlie Banks
  7. Alright Alright (Original Mix) [CQC Mastering] V2 - Clarcq
  8. Sense of Future - Across Boundaries
  9. Lie Machine (Original Mix) - Jennings.
  10. Second Chances (Original Mix) - Criss Korey
  11. Libra (Original Mix) - Demarzo
  12. Daylight (Original Mix) - DJOKO
  13. Lover (Black Loops Remix) - James Pepper
  14. Inner Secrets (Original Mix) - Jesse Maas
  15. Dimension (CET) - Josh Butler, Olly Davis
  16. GTFOh (Original Mix) - Aldo Lizarazo
  17. Nightcreeper - Across Boundaries
  18. Office Gossip (Original Mix) - Prunk
  19. Persian Rose Feat. Zapéd (Extended Mix) - Sevader
  20. Dance Machine (Original Mix) - Chicks Luv Us
  21. Harlem Lights (Prunk Remix) - Darius Syrossian, Prunk
  22. Wrecked (Original Mix) - DJOKO
  23. Evening At Hanamachi - Scruscru

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