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Perky Wires is a recent discovery of mine. The duo, originally from Moldova and now based in Spain, blends an old-school vibe with modern minimal movements.

I stumbled upon their new EP, “Back to the Old School,” during one of my late-night track hunting adventures at 3 a.m. in my home studio. When “Jade” came on through my RCF Ayra Pro 6’s, I think I woke up the entire neighbourhood.

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Please visit their website for releases, events, and more: Perky Wires Website

Side A

This month, I kept the tempo fairly relaxed at around 124 BPM. I find this to be the perfect tempo that straddles the line between chill and upbeat. The energy comes from the artist and track selection. Alongside a few featured tracks, I also played through the full EP. It was exhilarating to hear classic vibes and samples meld with the modern digital drum beats and spacey synth pads. I highly recommend purchasing the EP at full price!

In a similar vein, Flashmob offers a comparable sound in his latest tunes. It’s refreshing to hear such quality from emerging talent in Europe.

This EP is released by Hottrax Records, a label from which I own many songs. They consistently offer a robust A&R program, based on what I’ve heard over the years. The EP includes three distinct tracks: “Back to the Old School,” “Jade,” and “Tribute to a Groove.” Each is unique, and it’s astounding that they only take 1-2 days to complete a track!

If you’re interested in hearing more about my conversation with the duo, make sure to tune into the show via the podcast player page.

Side B

For this mix, I opted for more of an acid sound. Instead of my usual focus on bass swaps, I concentrated on mixing the mids while preserving many of the lows. This approach made me extra selective about the tracks I chose and especially cautious when matching different keys. The energy fluctuates throughout this mix, keeping you engaged and wondering what comes next.

I’ve received stellar feedback on this mix from a few trusted sources, so this is not one to miss. I spent days obsessing over it before it went live. My XDJ-RX2 really proved its worth, enabling me to deliver a crisp sound that I think sets me apart.

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