VW Breakout 2023


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First of all, I had no idea VW Breakout was happening this year. If it weren’t for the Kompressor Haus guys emailing me to see if I’d be going, I would have completely missed it. Fortunately, it turned out to be a great event at SantaPod Raceway with a fantastic turnout of cars and a wonderful crowd!

Rust and Rat

Sketchy and a friend parked up in the Rust and Rat judging area

I chose to park Sketchy in the Rust and Rat section mainly because it’s right in the heart of the event, making it easier to access everything else. Plus, Sketchy’s rusty appearance blends in perfectly. The awards ceremony was a bit informal and random, but the cars that won definitely deserved the recognition. Unfortunately, Sketchy wasn’t as lucky this time.

My Favorite Photos from Saturday

I always bring my camera just in case there’s something cool to capture.

Racey Looking Bug

Undoubtedly, my favorite bug from the event. This one reminds me a lot of Sketchy—a road-legal, hotter street bug that not only looks fast but also lives up to its appearance! The wide stance is truly epic!

Front end of this kind of ratty but super cool performance-oriented bug

I absolutely love these rims, although I’m unsure about their bolt pattern (PCD). They appear to be aftermarket and, upon inspecting the discs, they certainly seemed to be. What puzzles me is how they manage to avoid tire rub. When I had my Empi 8 spokes up front, the tires would rub on every bump or hard turn.

The rims of this drift/race-oriented bug

The interior of this bug is wicked too, especially with the perfectly placed Autometer RPM gauge! I’m just not sure how much room that leaves for the passenger, though!

The interior showing the Autometer RPM gauge and Momo steering wheel of the performance-oriented bug

Jonny Marriage and Miss White

For those familiar with Jonny, he built Miss White—a dedicated drag bug. When it was naturally aspirated with EFI, I always thought, “Wow, he should really boost it if he’s gone through all that effort.” And what do you know? It’s come back with a big old turbo!

Jonny Marriage standing by his Turbo EFI drag bug Miss White.

Patina Slug’s Camper

I can’t help but envy the color of this camper and the accompanying decals. Just take a look!

3/4 shot of the patina slug campervan
Close-up of the decal saying Fred Mitchell

This shot is probably my favorite as it captures three layers—the interior, the view through the windshield, and the reflection in the side window.

Interior shot of the patina slug camper

Another Extremely Cool Camper

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to learn much about this camper or its owner, but I absolutely love the patina, and it’s stanced very nicely!

Blue patina VW camper van.

See You Next Year

Our visit was a fun experience. However, the turnout of visitors was disappointing, and I heard from the sellers that they might not come back next year. I can’t blame them, considering the unreliable card payment signal and the fact that most people simply wait until July for BugJam instead. Moreover, £35 for a ticket seems rather expensive for a single day. Nevertheless, I had a great time, and we’ll see what happens in 2024!

Sketchy from the front in the lineup at Rust and Rat.
Sketchy with all the other VW bugs in the lineup.